We are learners
We do what we know
We learn what should be known
Our aim is to simplify daily problems
Give us a chance to grow...

About Us

We are learners who are eager to make real life applications but the knowledge we have is not at all sufficient and enough in this rapidly changing highly technological world. Every next day we come in touch with a very mesmerizing and very useful invention and it makes us realize how much incomplete each of us are in this world. And in such a busy world our initiative is to run parallel with the developing technologies to maintain a balance between the technology and us. And in this mission we are happy to learn new technologies to produce the application with current marketing technology. We want to take challenges as a developer to make life simple with our application. As we are students of university, we take this initiative for all developers like us to join with us in this exciting journey, accept us and give us chance to prove ourselves

Our Activities

March 1, 2019
Website is launched